Friday, 14 February 2014

Teething Trouble

Happy Valentine's day to you all! Abel made his dad and nanny a card at baby group yesterday - a mass of PVA glue, glitter and feathers piled on red card!

Last Saturday as my mum was holding Abel whilst he was crying, I was sat opposite and noticed two bottom front teeth! I was amazed as they were massive! Taking a picture of them though is difficult so I've included a stock picture of what they kinda look like.

He also has his third set of vaccinations on Wednesday which has made him an unhappy chappy. It's back to being up three times a night but my body is now past caring, I've learnt to live without a full night's sleep. It, like a lot of things, is just part of the baby deal.

In the mean time I'm keeping my beady eye on a blog called Free Our Kids a blog in which a mum pledges to spend as little as possible on her two children. Her rule for the year is that she will only make 12 purchases for the whole year (one per month) not only that but 6 of these 12 purchases have to be second hand from a charity shop or swap direct with another family (in other words not from Ebay) this is to cut the middle man out and ensure all the money goes into a deserving pocket.

I'm intrigued. After browsing her posts I've already learned how to make my own dummy clip using a hair clip and ribbon as shown:


#diybaby could catch on!