Friday, 28 February 2014

Baby Buy Sell Swap

Been a bit slack with posts at the moment because Abel's teething troubles have gone from bad to worse and has been a bit difficult to live with, I've been up several times a night etc. so have been really tired. Not to mention a bit blank minded with what to actually blog about.

Recently I've had an internal conflict between making money and sticking it to the man with regard to second hand baby clothes. As Abel is now 4 and a half months a rather large pile of baby clothes which no longer fit him has been inevitably mounting. I'm faced with two options:

Option 1: Ebay single items off making a profit but in the long run will be more time consuming, more effort and Ebay grows ever more powerful in their bid (lol) to take over the world.

Option 2: Stick it to the Ebay man by offering the clothes in sized bundles on Facebook local buy, sell, swap groups ultimately less effort and less money but I gain a wholesome glow.

So what should I do? Answers on a postcard ...or just below.